As the NSW river operator, State Water is committed to improving the level of service it provides to its customers and ensuring that water flows in the State's rivers are managed as efficiently as possible.

The Murrumbidgee Computer Aided River Management Project (CARM) is a $65 million upgrade of infrastructure and operational processes throughout the Murrumbidgee River System. CARM provides an opportunity for State Water to investigate and test new methods of water measurement, flow prediction and monitoring with a view to extending this approach to all rivers under its operational control.

CARM will encompass a suite of projects that will improve the measurement and monitoring from the major dams upstream as well as the many weirs and en-route storages. It will also look at ways in which loss of water through evaporation can be reduced.

The five major projects that comprise CARM include:

The CARM project will integrate many pieces of real time water management data to improve the efficiency of river operations, ensuring the correct amount of irrigation water is delivered to the right place at the right time. Thus, ensuring minimal water wastage will have increased beneficial impacts for agriculture and the environment.

This data will include:

  • new meters and telemetry units installed on most extraction points
  • new and existing river gauging stations
  • groundwater monitoring stations
  • weather monitoring stations

The CARM project will be managed by State Water and is funded by the Water for Rivers (WFR), a company set up by the Australian, New South Wales and the Victorian Governments to recover environmental water for the Snowy and Murray Rivers.

CARM aims to:

  • Improve water delivery service and efficiency
  • Generate water savings
  • More closely match water delivery with crop water demand
  • Improve the health of wetlands and the environment of the river system