New national standards for water meters requires all non conforming meters to be replaced by 30 June 2016. How does this affect you? Read on.

An opportunity to rationalise

The replacement of water meters under State Water Corporation's CARM project is an opportunity for landholders to review and rationalise the number and location of water meters on their properties.

As the managing contractor for State Water's meter installations, Comdain Infrastructure will review licence holders' water use, capacity for pumping and size of water entitlement before conducting on-site visits to eligible landholders.

What if my meter already complies with new metering standards?

New national standards for water meters and their data collection systems, developed under the National Water Initiative, require all non conforming meters in the Murrumbidgee Regulated River System to be replaced with complying devices by 30 June 2016. Most existing meters will need replacing under the new standards.

Meters installed under the CARM project will meet the new standards and will, importantly, be part of a broader telemetryenabled metering system for the Murrumbidgee River system.

Telemetry provides the ability to accurately measure and report water flow information in real time for improved on-site and system-wide water management.

Do I need my water meter?

Comdain Infrastructure will visit landholders to discuss the design and location of the new meter or meters. Before the visit, landholders should consider:

  • Whether the meter to be replaced will be used now and in the future (a meter should be installed even if the pump is not used every year). If a site will no longer be used, it is important to let Comdain's representative know during this visit.
  • Whether multiple installations are needed or if any could be decommissioned to reduce costs (multiple meters incur multiple service charges). The ability of a single meter to cover multiple pumps will be considered. Channel measurement is also being considered to reduce installation costs where multiple units connect to a single channel.

What do I do if my meter is no longer required?

If a meter site is no longer required, the landholder will be asked to confirm this in writing to State Water. This notification will be forwarded to NSW Office of Water with information relating to the work approval. Dismantling and removing the pumping equipment may be required.

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